International Night: Behind the Scenes

Jada Byrd, J1 Reporter

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This year’s International Night, on April 5, was one to go down in the history books, from the dances, music, to the beautiful Quinceanera dresses, but one thing that the ordinary audience member wouldn’t think about is how this show is put together.  Freedom students worked tirelessly on their performances that were elegantly displayed on the stage that night. I talked to two of the students and got their perspective on the lead up to that phenomenal night. Both students I talked to were in the African dance performances, Daniella Kasonga and Kiana Garber, both talked about their participation in the show.

Talking about International Night, Daniella Kasonga gave me some insight on the lead up to that night. She described it as “Beyond Stressful”, and she began talking about the process of the show itself. “[we] go over dances that we do. It started with the choreography, the base. That’s a few simple moves then more complex moves.” Along with taking with Dani, I talked to Kiana, another dancer at International Night. She spoke about the pressures of the night as well, saying that, “all the organizing and getting people together was challenging.”


Both Kiana and Daniella displayed such talent at this year’s I night and it was all because of the hard work all the students put in to make it happened.  The last question I asked was about the vibe behind the scenes, out of audience eyes and Daniella shared, “I was shaking in my boots but when that song came on and the people started cheering I knew it was finna be a breeze.”