Valentine’s Day Nails


Gabby Arevalo, J1 Reporter

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Have no idea how to do your nails? Well, Valentine’s Day is coming up so a nice red nail with gold sparkles would be nice.

Want to impress your boo? Do a light pink with a heart on it.

Since spring is on the horizon, you should do a soft yellow, bright blue, light pink pastel colored nails. Also, add some flowers for a nicer look

Glitter is a nice look for the holidays. Pink glitter, silver glitter, or gold glitter. Accessories like diamonds are really pretty. For a relevant look, just put it on your ring finger.

A really good nail place I recommend is Happy Nails.  They’re located in Station Plaza off of Jefferson Davis Highway in Woodbridge. They give you drinks like sparkling water. They also give you fruits like watermelon and grapes while you wait. They do acrylics very nicely and make them look real.

It’s a real struggle to take off acrylics. Need help? Soak them in pure acetone for twenty minutes and after, just scrape them off. If you want a faster way cut your acrylics short, file the sides, then tear off.

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