Michelle finds SOL success at Freedom

Katia Avelar, J1 reporter

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It’s that time of the year, SOL testing begins. All students in Virginia have to take them and hope to get a passing score. Sophomore, Michelle Vuong, who was successful in all her SOLS, sat down for an interview. Below are some questions on how she prepared and how she achieved a passing score.

Q1: How do you prepare for the SOLS?

A: By studying the day before and memorizing as much as possible. I also try to study for about 10 minutes in the morning before taking my test.

Q2: What do you do to study well?

A: I always turn off my electronics and keep away any possible distractions.

Q3: How did you feel about passing all your SOLS?

A: It feels good. I also feel relieved because I don’t have to worry and stress about them anymore.

Q4: How did you feel about getting Pass Advanced?

A: I felt proud of myself for studying enough and i also felt relieved.

Q5: What does your future look like?

A: I see it bright since im doing well in school and my SOLS. I would also like to be a doctor someday.

Q6: Were you nervous about taking your SOLS?

A: Yes, because my scores depend on my grades and opportunities.

Q7: Can you give us advice on how to study?

A: Yes, I suggest you memorize all formulas you need to know way before the SOL.

Q8: What are some tips you do to prepare?

A: I always eat mints before testing. it wakes me up , so I suggest you eat anything with sugar.

Q9: What else are you going to do to be successful?

A: Im going to continue to study as much as I can and get good grades.

Q10: Is it the first SOL you got Pass Advanced in?

A: No, I got my first passed advanced in my math class (Algebra) in 9th grade.


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