Art club creativeness

Gabby Arevalo, J1 reporter

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Freedom art teacher, David Gill, and a student, Dalise Cheehe, sat down for an interview. Mr. Gill has been working at Freedom High School for over 10 years. Below are some questions they answered.

Q: What type of art is it?

A: Realistic non-fictional art. 

Q: How long did it take?

A:  A long time, a little over 2 months. It takes a long time to make good art. 

Q: What inspired you?

A: Old master painters who make their own paints and brushes. 

Q: When was it created?

A:  Roughly about 1990. 

Q: Where did you create it?

A: At a home studio. 

Q :Why did you make it?

A: For a Virginia Beach art show.

Q: What’s your favorite kind of art work?

A: Realistic art. 

Q :What’s your art classes?

A: Art 1,3 and 4. 

Q: Who is your best art student?

A:Dalise Cheehe is a very good artist here at Freedom. 


Dalise Cheehe Interview

Q: How long have you been painting and doing art?

A: My whole life, but I didn’t get good at it until a few years ago. 

Q: What type of art is your favorite?

A: Ceramic art, but mostly painting and portraits. 

Q: How long did it take?

A:  About 3 hours.

Q: What inspired you?

A: Looking at art in museums and thinking “wow, I want to make art as big as this one day.”

Q: Where did you create it?

A: In Mr. Gill’s classroom. 

Q: Who is your art teacher?

A: Mr.Gill is my art teacher. 

Q: What art are you in?

A:  I’m in Art 3 . 

Q: Are you in dual enrollment photography?

A: No, but I would like to. 

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