PWCS Art Festival Coming Soon

Katia Avelar, J1 Reporter

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Prince William County Schools is throwing an Art festival on Saturday, April 28. This a great opportunity for students who enjoy art to come out and express their creativity. The art festival will be held at Colgan High School. Doors will open at 10am and end around 5pm. The work shown is students from K-12 all over the county.

Freedom art teacher, Mr. David Gill, said “It’s really fun to see the art from our school.” Each art teacher gets to take 40 students to the show. The winners win a blue ribbon and the ultimate winner gets a merit award. “Art brings out feelings from people who don’t know how to communicate.” Students participating should also bring a blank t-shirt.

“I like art because its creative and you can set your mind free.” Sophomore, Katy Reyes said. “Art is relaxing and fun, I’m really looking forward to see the talent Freedom has.”

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