Anthony Williams is leaving Freedom after two years

Popular Social Studies teacher is moving back to west coast.

Marissa Anderson, J1 Reporter

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Mr. Anthony Williams has been a Government teacher at Freedom High School for two years, but he is now leaving. The staff and students are sad to see him go and he will be missed. He’s leaving Virginia and moving back to California.

His wife of almost eleven years is being transferred to San Diego, California for a new military position. Many of his students say he was one of their best teachers because of his hard work and dedication and he really cares about his students.

“I will miss the looks on my student’s faces when I explain something about the government that y’all didn’t know,” said Williams. He’s originally from Alabama, so we hear the word “y’all” a lot!

Mr. Williams has plans to continue teaching in California, “…because I love teaching.” His philosophy is to “Get to know my students, let them see that I care, and once you show your students you care outside of academics, they would be more receptive.”

A fun fact about Mr. Williams is he can be seen at almost all of the football games with his horn from a Mayan Temple he calls “Jaguar Knights.”  During any big plays, you can hear his horn which rivals the South African vuvuzela that became popular during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.  “He’s a fan favorite here at Freedom,” says English teacher Ms. Kamilah Lawson.  “His presence in the building and in the bleachers will be missed next year.”

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