Mama, I made it

Seniors decide what their future holds.

Alanis N. Figueroa, J1 Writer

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As we embark on a new adventure we prepare to close one chapter of our lives and open a new one. Though it might seem scary it is something one must prepare for, given the fact that life revolves around making decisions. Throughout life most of us are thought to succeed and to give our best in every obstacle we might have. We start our academic career in elementary school where everything is easy and we learn the basic materials to prepare us for the future. We learn how to share, we learn how to say please and thank you, we make our first play buddies, and most important of all we start to become someone. As time passes we evolve into teenagers , in middle school we start progressing and being able to take on more tasks given the fact that we are growing , therefore there are more responsibilities. As time passes we realize how important education is and how much effort is needed to  succeed.

Although school can get stressful and complicated, it is up to oneself to elaborate on how to take the best steps towards the main goal which is overcoming the hardest tasks and getting on track to a brighter future. It does not take log for one to reach the state in where you become a young adult, the point where you become a high schooler. In high school one balances work, extracurriculars , family and a lot of things all at once. Then we get to Senior year and everything is fast paced til graduation. From Senior activities to college transcripts to prom and finally the end of the year. Just recently a big group of Seniors made the final decision on where to pursue the rest of their academic career. It is a time of joy and relief knowing the year has come to an end and Graduation is only around the corner. Here’s to the future and to keep making our parents proud .



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