From dirt to turf

Freedom High School turns old/lackluster grass field and track into new turf and track.

Vershon Lee and Madison Drage, J1 Reporters

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Here at Freedom High School for the past couple of years, we had a problem with our grass field and our track. Our track has been getting scraped away. Also, with bad track conditions comes injuries and there has been a lot of them.

First, we interviewed Mr. Steven Bryson the Athletic Director we asked him does he feel we need this turf field. He said, “We are in need of a practice facility” he says that because the spring sports use the game and practice fields for both practice and games. This will cause the field to be worn down by the end of the season. Also, he said that PWCs paid for the practice ad game field to be done and that is a blessing.

We also interviewed Mr. Leroy Worley our track coach. For the past couple of years the turf has been destroyed just to let you know. But we asked him how did the old track hold them down and he said, ” the rubber had started coming up and causing the concrete to be visible.” The problem with that is that it caused injuries like shin splints. Also with the new track Mr. Worley said they will be able to bring back the Freedom Classic. They had to stop that race because of the track condition.

Finally, we interviewed Coach Darryl Overton Head football coach. We asked coach how could we benefit from this new field and he said it would help financial wise is that we won’t have to pay thousands of dollars for sod after seasons and paint. Coach Overton also believes that the new field will bring new fundraising opportunities to Freedom.

With the new field I feel that bringing the field to Freedom will bring only positives. Including, the Financial standpoint PWCS paid for it fully, then the sport standpoint some teams didn’t have a spot to practice and games are canceled because of weather. So this new addition to Freedom High School will be very good.

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