International Night coming up

Teachers and students are preparing for Freedom's third annual International Night.

Ayun Fatima, J1 Reporter

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Freedom High School has a community of students and staff from different countries and cultures. International Night is when all these students come together as a team and present all the different cultures through their dance, music, art, and clothes. This is the third year Freedom will be celebrating International Night. There are almost eight cultures being presented this year. The event will take place in the school’s auditorium on Friday, May 3rd. Tickets range from $3 to $5 depending on how much you want to see.

The outdoor festival starts at 4:30 to 6PM (Driver’s Ed. parking lot or Gym (if rain))

Fashion Show: 6:15 – 7PM (Gym)

Cultural Performances: 7:05 – 8:30PM (Auditorium)

There are 3 coordinators, Ms. Ashleigh Bourgeois, Ms. Anastacia Fisher and Mr. Jahanzeb Akbar, who put this night together. There are 5 more staff members who have devoted their time for International Night. A select group of students contributes in managing the show as well. The show was so popular for the last two years, each show was a sell out. It is definitely a very hard job to manage all these people but French teacher and event coordinator Mr. Akbar said,  “We never had a single discipline issue, over one thousand people and not even a single student acted in a way that’s out of line.” This is proof of how well-managed International Night is. These people put all of their effort into this one night, for us to have an amazing time.

“There has always been a crave in students for International Night,” according to Mr. Akbar. He also mentioned that students are the main reason behind everything that is organized. Students stay after school, every Tuesday and Wednesday for a couple of weeks before the program, just so they can practice their performances. International Night is definitely one of most awaited and the biggest event at Freedom High School this spring!