Class of 2019 clocks out

Congratulations to the class of 2019.

Freedom's graduating seniors and staff pose for one last group photo on Saturday, June 1, 2019 before the ceremony begins.

Mrs. Kanika Spruill

Freedom's graduating seniors and staff pose for one last group photo on Saturday, June 1, 2019 before the ceremony begins.

Thomas KariKari, J1 Reporter

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The beginning of summer always brings joy to students, but the end of the school year always brings a feeling of completion to most students. The PWCS 2018-2019 school year is almost over, we did it. Countdown to summer might have already begun for most students at Freedom High School, but for the class of 2019, this is their last summer before the adult life. It’s always a dream come true for most high students to graduate from high school. Students still have couple weeks of school and grades to gain before the end of the second semester ends, one of the most important semesters, finishing strong and hard is the goal of many students in high school. 

Not only will Freedom say goodbye to the class of 2019, they will also say goodbye to one of the most influential teachers in the building and former ESPN production assistant. English, Journalism, and Film Studies teacher, Kamilah Lawson, will leave Freedom after nine years of teaching here and teach English at T.C. Williams High School as an alumna. Not only is Miss Lawson known for operating the announcements at Freedom but, she is also known for her comical and inspirational quotes like “Go forth and be great.” and “Quiet on the set.” It is hard to leave a place that you have invested most of your time and love and for Miss Lawson she is “overwhelmingly sad to leave a school that I love so deeply.” She wants the class of 2019 to remember that “Where ever you go, make sure they remember your name.” She also said “Don’t ever come to the game thinking you are going to lose.”

Class of 2019 has had lots of accomplishments in all of their four years in high school, including senior, Iqra Noor, receiving full ride scholarship to Harvard University and seniors, Alpha Sow and Julian Alfaro, being named in the All-Cardinal District first team for soccer. And let’s not forget what the class of 2019 did for the Freedom football team, they led the Eagles to their first ever state football championship. To the graduating class: we wish you all good luck and hope that the world gives you the fair chance that you deserve.