Brittney’s advice for rising seniors…

What not to do when you are a senior.

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Brittney’s advice for rising seniors…

Brittney Comer, Reporter

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When you are a senior you will start to get lazy. You won’t want to get out of the bed and go to school. Don’t do this at all. The reason is because the more school days you miss the more work you miss. Your grades will start to drop. It will soon get overwhelming and you will stress because if you don’t get your grades up you might not graduate. Passing the class is not only dependent on your grades, it’s also dependent on your attendance. This also pertains to all other grades in high school.

Pay your senior dues. The school is really blunt and clear on what their expectations are of us. If you do not meet their criteria you will not walk across the stage. Don’t wait until the last minute to pay, but also spread out your payments so you don’t go broke. Return all books teachers give you and try not to borrow a lot of textbooks, as they are expensive.

Seniors don’t miss out on all the fun, go to all the senior events. Don’t miss out on prom I know I didn’t and I had a blast. I did miss out on a lot of the other senior events though, and now I regret it. You should go, have fun, and be with your friends. You will be graduating soon and will be entering the real world. Have fun while you still can because you will be busy.

While I’ve been in high school I’ve seen that cliques don’t really exist at all. I have friends who love different things but we all hang out and get along just fine. Seniors always have the best school spirit because it’s their last year. I hope our new seniors keep up the tradition when we leave. Something I learned about myself is I love computers and I didn’t figure that out until I started high school. Now I want to go into a career in technology.

While you’re a senior don’t waste your time. You need to figure out who you want to be. You also need to figure out what college you want to go to. Don’t mess up your grades, colleges look at them. Your future is what you make of it. Stay out of trouble and do all of your class work. Stay strong and learn from the mistakes you make.

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