How to Survive Junior Year

Grethel Alvarez, Reporter

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  1. Take care of the classes you struggle with first, because if you don’t then you’ll be more behind than you thought you’d be.
  2. Don’t forget about your “easy” classes just because you have a difficult course doesn’t mean you should put all your time and effort into that one class.
  3. Don’t get over-confident, just because you’re a junior and almost out doesn’t mean you can just lay back and let everything slide away from you.
  4. Don’t give up opportunities.
  5. Take advantage of what has been laid out to you; even the slightest detail may be the answer to all your questions.
  6. Always try to get more information out of something; even if you think it’s not necessary you may find yourself actually using the information you never thought you would.
  7. Don’t be arrogant with those who are trying to help.
  8. The little things can make an enormous difference
  9. Don’t be shy to ask questions when you don’t understand something.
  10. Have fun! You only have one more year until you’re out into the real world. Don’t be afraid to embrace all those moments and steps you’ve taken to get as far as you’ve gotten, in the end you’ll be glad you took a moment to enjoy it. Lay back a little but not all the way. You’re almost there, don’t give up just yet.
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