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Franklin Hernandez, Reporter

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People ask why do people spend up to thousands of dollars on Nike Air Jordans? I ask myself the same thing, but from personal experiences, I can say that sneaker collectors do it for fashion reasons to say they got “heat.” Certain sneaker collectors do it for the rareness of the shoe and to re-sell shoes to make money.

Sneaker collectors can really spend tons of money on sneakers, but from research, NBA player, Nate Robinson, has the biggest shoe collection seen on video besides Michael Jordan.  Sneaker collectors spend up to two thousand dollars on sneakers and that amount is probably the most expensive Nike Air Jordan.

I can’t imagine myself spending that much on a pair of sneakers but hey people do it to say they have “heat.” The sneakers I speak of are the “Nike Air Jordan Oregon,” but it isn’t just one shoe, it’s a collection of Nike Air Jordans. The come in four different color styles. For example, the Oregon 3s Home and Away are the same shoe, except in different colors.  They both retail for four hundred dollars, but the money is in the re-sell.  They can re-sell for fifteen hundred dollars.  The “Away” shoe has a white finish with green hits and the “Home” shoe is a black finish with yellow and green hits.

The third color choice are the “Oregon 4s.”  They have a unique finish to them but are one of the rarest of the four. Its green finish is what makes them pop; it is a shiny type of green but makes you “break your neck” looking back at them.  These shoes retail for four hundred dollars also, but  can re-sell for up to two thousand dollars.

I’ve been to many sneaker events but have never really seen them in person; like I said it is a rare shoe but a beautiful one.

The fourth and final shoe style is the “Oregon 5s.” They are the most expensive of them all.  They retail for four hundred dollars, like the others, but can be resold for up to three thousand dollars.  This shoe has a suede finish that is soft with a bright green color and the Oregon duck on the heel.  That’s what really makes them “eye catching.”

For those who don’t know, Nike Corporation is based out of Portland, Oregon and was founded by Philip Knight.

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