Summertime sadness

Vershon Lee, J1 Reporter

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Everyone loves the summer during the school year. But once summer hits, the love of summer slowly withers away. These unlucky students suffer from “Summertime Sadness”, such a tragic thing to have in summer. But luckily you have these Freedom High School students of Woodbridge, Virginia to show you ways to make it through, and live your summer to the fullest.

A lot of people have problems with friends switching up last minute. How do you usually overcome/avoid it? Like sophomore Damien Holloway said,” The way I prevent that is I usually pick people who would like or be entertained with the plans I have so I know they won’t change on me.” This is a very good point if you want to play basketball go with people who like basketball. If you wanna go to the movies go with people who like that genre. Also, like when Kealey Davis of 2020 said, ” I always go with football friends or ‘blood’ friends.”

Isn’t it trash when you are stuck inside of your house with nothing to do outside and it’s blazing hot? Now listen, this is something new that sophomore Jade Bryant said, “Have you ever made a bathtub a pool? Ok well when I tell you that is the stuff; that is the stuff.” There is being creative and then there is being down right genius, and that is being genius. But Ryan Tallet of the class of 2021 said he will “…tough it out and ball.” Sounds like basketball will be his life this summer.

Man it gets hard when summertime hits but sometimes you need to get lit. Sometimes it gets hot and you get sweaty pits. But you have to live, grind, and push through the summertime sadness. But the most keen advice for you is you need to have really good friends who will take care of you.

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