399 is the new 400

A student's take on SOL scoring in Prince William County.

Thomas Karikari, J1 Reporter

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At the end of every school year schools in Prince William County assess students with the SOL test, to observe the level of knowledge they have acquired in a specific class. With 400 being the passing score, it’s hard for students to acknowledge the score of a 399 because they believe they did as much work as the student who got a 400, or they only got that score because of a mistake in their math solution or a mistake in a paragraph they wrote. 

Honestly, I think reducing the passing score to 399 or automatically raising a score of 399 to 400 will help students pass the SOL. Recently I interviewed the Math teacher Mr. Benji Kimble, and I asked him how he felt whenever a student got a 399 and he said, “I feel really bad ….” But he is not the only one. A student, Anthony Echeverria, also said “I am shocked when I saw my score because I wanted at least a 400.”

Failing the SOL limits your chances of graduating from high school, which can be very upsetting for high school seniors who plan on graduating that year. I’m writing about this issue because I have also been a victim of the SOL passing score, not only did I fail it the first time but, I also failed the retake.  

In conclusion, not only do students have to retake the SOL the following year but also their chances of passing might be lesser than last year because they might have forgotten everything they learned over the summer. To help students pass and graduate on time, I think the county should consider these reasons and points in this article to make their life and students lives easier.