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Alasiah Winstead, J2 Reporter

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Freedom High School, where the class of 2018 is finally soaring up out of here . We have finally made it to the end just so we can go to school again.  College is a big deal because it’s your foundation. There are many factors that go into the process like pieces of a puzzle.  Pieces of a very delicate, expensive and time consuming puzzle. There’s the wonderful teachers that help you, the scholarships, and even your own personal likes and dislikes that will determine your choice.  The piece that starts it all is the people around you. The ones who make you strive for better.

Senior year, I believe, is an important last hooray.  It’s like a trial period of  adulthood, something we didn’t really get in our underclassmen years. From your parents encouraging you and your counselors bugging you about applications and checking out your scholarship opportunities, this year has been packed with deadlines and things to remember to do.

The scholars here at Freedom are very smart about their money as a whole.  Like Drew Perry, his first college choice was Purdue University, but wasn’t ‘’offered enough money’’ so he tried Virginia Tech.  They gave him a full ride and he’s one of a bunch of students deciding to go to Virginia Tech in the fall.

Money is a big factor in going to college and not having enough of it is one of the main reasons why students drop out.  If you’re given a scholarship, some schools require that you keep a 3.7 GPA or something similar to solidify your right to keep the scholarship money you’re given. Because of these high standards, students have to remain focused and get good grades to keep their scholarships.

The students of Freedom are awesome and deserve every bit of awesomeness thrown their way.  I am only surprised by the awesome students who don’t even apply because they are afraid they won’t get in or won’t be able to pay for it.  If you do your part, colleges will pay you to go to them.” said English teacher Ryan Holt.

Some seniors shared their dreams of majoring in mechanical engineering, like Mohammad Iqbal.  Drew Perry and Asia Covington are planning to major in computer science.  These fields seem to be the future of our society .

From the teachers of seniors to the people who can call themselves seniors, here’s some advice you should take:

“Fake it til you make it”- nobody feels like they are smart enough to belong in AP classes or college, or with the smart kids.  Also, as an athlete in high school I mistakenly believed that athletic scholarships were they way to make college affordable.  Now I know that there is far more money for academic scholarships and athletic scholarships average”- Ryan Holt

“Build your resume, develop relationships, and have extra curricular activities.  They look good and AP classes look good!” -Asia Covington

“Don’t be afraid to put your life in that essay. Don’t write something that will make you seem like a pity party especially if you have no extra curricular activities.” -Drew Perry