Meet Mrs. Hirsch

Emily Barron, Journalism 1 Reporter

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When were you the happiest?

When I got married and had an automatic family with my step-son Chris who is wonderful, and then when I had my twins. My twins are now twenty and heading off to college next August after they finish their Associate’s degree at Germanna Community College.

What is your biggest fear?

I’m afraid of heights. My mom said it is because I fell out of my crib as a baby.

What inspired you to be a teacher?

My grandmother always wanted to teach and I used to teach Sunday school to my doll babies when I was little. I also love history and teaching lets me work with a subject I love.

How has being a teacher affected you in good and bad ways?

When teaching is good, it is really good.  When you are able to help a struggling student or have a great lesson that the kids love, it is great. All the administrative requirements can be overwhelming. Also, I have had students commit crimes and come from really bad backgrounds where they struggle a lot. It can be tough on teachers mentally when they have struggling students that they care about going through hard times.

What do you do when you’re not working?

Sleep, read, walk, and spend time with family and my dogs and cats.

What is your goal when you’re teaching?

My goal is two part – Firstly, I want my students to pass the SOL. I am crushed if after a year with me if they can’t pass. Secondly, I want my students to leave at the end of the year with something they liked or enjoy about history.

How long have you been teaching?

Thirteen years this year with 3 additional years spent working in testing.


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