Eagles break in new turf field

Ryan Brown, J3 Reporter

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Freedom High School  receives a new edition to the campus. However, it’s not a player, but a new turf practice field which has been a long-awaited addition for the sports programs. The (11-0) Eagles football team are the first to break it in.

Receiver and Defensive Back, Jeremy Ford (#3), says, “He first heard word of the turf last season, but it didn’t arrive.” Coach Darryl Overton also added that, “The official field was to be done the second week of August,but the county declined the orders.”

The program had to get new material (turf), then had to await the confirmation of the field with the updated regulations. With the field having been cleared September 25th and approval being given to the team, the players have had some time to get used to it. “The turf enhances play-making, game efforts, and strategies,” says Receiver and “Special teams specialist”, Bobby Jones-Scales (#2). “There are less bugs (around), more space, and exposes the team to a totally new practice field. Our first experience (on the turf) was a lot of running drills.”

While some players prefer the new field, others however are not completely sold on it. Ford, says he enjoys turf, but “The grass lets me get busy.”  Linebacker, Ernest Hubbard (#44) mentioned he enjoys the grass because of the traction and the grip it provides. Both agreed that the turf does help with inclement weather and provides a sufficient practice space. “Linemen can now push sleds and they can simply get more done.” said Hubbard.

Coach Overton said that along with the turf being ready, the team will now be ready for all-weather scenarios. “The field made great prep for the Woodbridge game,” says Coach Overton. “This is only one more asset towards getting the team ready for the big goal, which is states, but I expect my team to finish strong.”

With high hopes for the number-one seed in the play-offs he states, “We have great chances and since last year, the team has exceeded in building chemistry and football IQ.” Now turning it around for not only the program itself, but also, they’re making a huge impression on the school, fans, and the county, but some didn’t expect the success to come this soon. “We completely expected this turn out because  we had a good year last year. After winning the cardinal district title this year, we’re hopefully going to move on to states championship.”

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