Girls varsity lacrosse team prep for success

Deysi Lliguichuzcha -J1 Reporter

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Our Freedom Eagles girls lacrosse team may have been defeated during spring season but they are preparing hard for the new season. Lacrosse season is over but training hasn’t stopped which proves dedication from the girls and the head coach. The head coach Joyce Young has shown interest in the girls physical involvement towards lacrosse. Freshman Lesly Beltran can confirm because just like all the other girls on the team they’ve all been training non stop. They’ve been training by going over their warm ups, running, and basic lacrosse practice since the beginning of the season.

School has come to an end with a majority of the teammates as well moving on to college. Some freshmen teammates have moved to different schools as well. But with the guidance and training of head coach Joyce Young new eagles will start a undefeated season. Overall the Freedom Eagles lacrosse team have worked hard this season and pushed forward throughout every game.

Freshmen Stephanie Ortez in action.

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Girls varsity lacrosse team
Briana Aguilar, Jessenia Aguira, Zyeasha Ba, Lesly Beltran, Gabriela Bonilla, Elsy Glrion, Tamia Kenney, Joselyn Lopez, Natalie Martinez, Akira Milton, Katelyn Oldridge, Cindy Sanchez, Aliyah Shulse, Paola Tobar, Destiny Contreras, Lyndsie Cruz, Kimberly Cruz-Romero, Kiana Garber, Luz Garcia, Katherine Isleno, Sophia Lee, Arleth Lopez, Ester Martinez, Leslie Navas, Stephanie Ortez, Maryam Shula, Savannah Snipe