Preparing for fall sports during summer

Ivanna Perez

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Ivanna Perez
Jaime Parada poses during interview.


Vershon Lee
Naasir Armstrong relaxes before football camp starts.

When someone says “summer”, we tend to think of vacation and relaxation, right? Well not for these teens. Some Freedom student-athletes take their summer time as use for a free 2 months to prepare their minds and bodies for the upcoming school year, and upcoming sports season. Here are some of the strategies these students have on preparing for fall sports during summer.

Open gym. Some teens take advantage of public gyms, fields, and other places and go to get a nice workout during summer. They tone up their muscles, regain their stamina, and train as hard as ever to get back into that “athletic state of mind”. “I usually start to get my body back in the physical shape that it should be by doing push ups, sit ups, curl ups, and running. I go to the gym here at school and whenever I want to work on my football skills, I go to any local football field”, said sophomore Naasir Armstrong.

Another thing students do are partner workouts. During summer, all you really want to do is just hang out with friends and make plans to see each other, right? Well these student-athletes do just that. You can plan to hang out with a friend for a few hours and then do your exercise routines together! It works even better if you are doing the same sport. This way is probably a better way because of the fact you can work in groups of two, four, or however many you want. You can even invite the whole team for team bonding as well. “Me and my friend are planning on doing track in the fall, so we hang out at around 10AM, go on a run, do our usual exercise, then hang around all day. It’s pretty efficient because we really are killing two birds with one stone”, said sophomore Jaime Parada.

No matter the way, it’s important to keep your body healthy and mind happy. Especially coming back into a new school year And if you’re doing a sport after a long break, then preparing for victory!

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