Maybe next year for baseball

New season comes with new talent

Thomas KariKari, J1 reporter

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As we round up the VSHL baseball season, the Freedom Eagles baseball team look to snap their 13-game losing streak in the 2019 baseball season. Since the 2018 baseball season, the Freedom baseball team has failed to defeat any team in the district, including scrimmages against other teams. Maybe it might be a lack of participation in the baseball program at Freedom or a lack of effort and hustle from the Freedom baseball team. I don’t think so. 

They say, “The third time is the charm,” maybe it might be Freedom’s charm next year, as the boys look forward to their off-season practice during the summer, to mentally and physically prepare for the upcoming season. Each year, at least one or two of Freedom’s varsity sports program advances to a state or regional final, as a result of hard work and dedication from the athletes and coaches. On May 16, 2019, the Freedom boys’ soccer team defeated the Gar-field Indians to be crowned Cardinal District Champions, the Freedom baseball team has yet to win any trophy since the school was opened in 2004. 

Maybe it is a result of inconsistent coaches or players on the team, as the Eagles competed in this year’s season with only 10 consistent players, which was less than any other team in the county. The current coach, Joseph Terrien, plans on coaching the Eagles as long as he could, which would be a great confidence boost for the baseball team. Majority of last season’s players also plan on returning to the team. 

It might be difficult to bet on Freedom winning the Cardinal District Tournament next season but, you can confidently bet on Freedom winning multiple games next year. The Freedom baseball team will be soaring high and strong over the obstacles waiting for them next year. The hard work and dedication will eventually payoff, this year was not their year but, you never know, maybe next year will be.