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Teacher Feature: Ms. Mary Faustino

Paola Assad Barbarino

Paola Assad Barbarino, J1 Reporter

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Ms. Mary Faustino is from Caracas, Venezuela; she describes her city as a very crowded, cosmopolitan place with a lot of restaurants and cultural amusements that will never get you bored. She also thinks this city made her who she is today; it taught her a relaxed way to face things in life and gave her the ability to make a joke out of any disastrous situation. Another thing Venezuela inculcated in Ms. Faustino is her religion (Catholicism).

Her most used slang words are: chama (girl), chamo (dude), “mas vale tarde que nunca” (better late than never) and her icons, such as Arturo Uslar Pietri, a Venezuelan intellectual, politician, writer and teacher that made great contributions to Venezuela’s contemporary culture and educational policies.

Even though Ms. Faustino studied Mechanical Engineering and has an MBA, her hidden talent and passion is fashion design. She loves to sew clothes, braid bracelets and necklaces. She even makes her own party dresses!

Ms. Faustino describes her job at Freedom High School as “A super-job” because she feels she makes a big impact in her student’s lives with everything she teaches, even with the small things. She had the opportunity to teach in another school were the kids had a lot of resources but they won’t take advantage of that, unlike Freedom, whose students really appreciate and value her work and effort to educate them. Along with this appreciation of her own job, comes some cultural shocks that she had to face when she started living in the U.S, like the coldness of some people and how hard it is to make real friends here.

If you’d like to meet Mrs. Faustino, stop by room 2126! Please enjoy a taste of Caracas, Venezuela in the attached video.

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Teacher Feature: Ms. Mary Faustino